Personnel and Employment

Apprenticeship, small business tax credit

Construction industry, misclassification of employees

Discrimination for pregnancy and related conditions prohibited, notices and accommodations required

Labor organization, mandatory membership or financial support prohibited, penalty

Personnel costs of processing information, definition of

State minimum wage, increase

Technical corrections

Ttechnical corrections, secretary of Personnel Cabinet, duties

Unemployment benefits, disqualification for military spouses, deletion

Unemployment insurance for seasonal/on recall employees

Voluntary Veterans' Preference Employment Policy Act, establishing

Volunteer firefighters, permit state employee leave for

Wage discrimination, prohibited on basis of sex, race, or national origin

Workers' compensation, attorneys' fees, disability awards

Workers' compensation employee exemption, delete caretakers of churches

Workers' compensation employee exemption, include certain ministers and caretakers of churches

Workers' compensation, exemption from for ministers of certain churches or religious organizations

Workers' compensation, various amendments to KRS Chapter 342

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