Public Records and Reports

Arrest-related deaths, investigation and annual reporting

Booking photograph, use for commercial purpose with removal fee, prohibition

County clerk's electronic cross-index, correction details requirement

Criminal records expungement, exclusion from public record

Department of Revenue, PVA fee schedules to be published

Drug courts, discretionary expungement of offenses relating to

Emergency protective orders, expungement of records when petition dismissed

Expungement and criminal records, eligibility, process, standards, and protections

Fracturing compounds and mixtures, trade secrets, confidentiality and disclosure of

Law libraries, replacement of in case of fire

Members of the Armed Forces, exemption from fees

Open records, definition of public agency, contracts with public utilities included in

Operator's licenses, study of smartphone technology for display

Personnel costs of processing information, definition of

Planned communities, recording declarations and bylaws

Recording of mortgages and deeds with liens retained therein, requirements for

Retail or wholesale sale of commercial products or services by local governments

Special purpose governmental entities, administrative changes

Special purpose governmental entities, alternative financial review

Special purpose governmental entities, atypical receipts, treatment of

State depositories, principal office, in-state requirement for

Supreme Court opinions, online public access to

Vital records, security of

Volunteer fire departments, exclude from reporting requirements of KRS Chapter 65A

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