Public Safety

911 emergency services, funding for

911 fees, collection of by local governments

Asset forfeiture, methamphetamine-contaminated vehicles, disposal of

Benefits for death in the line of duty, inclusion of emergency medical services providers

Capital construction projects, welding requirements for

Child protective service visits, unannounced

Cities with less than 8,000 people, exempt from minimum wage increase for emergency personnel

Concealed carry license, requirements for

Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, KSP to provide protection for

Consumer Protection Act, construction and operation of

Crowdfunding exemption, investor protections

Crowdfunding, notice to investor of possibility of total loss, requirement of

Death in the line of duty, benefits, eligibility for

Disaster leave, state employee volunteers, approval of

Driving under the influence, list of controlled substances qualifying for prosecution

Electronic communication, include as harassing communication

Emergency 911 services, funding for

Failure to yield right of way to emergency and public safety vehicles, increased fines

Gender-neutral language, addition of

Guardianship, Custodianship, Civil Commitment, and Mental Competency Task Force, create

Guardianship, Custodianship, Civil Commitment, and Mental Competency Task Force, creation of

Gun safety and violence prevention, study of

Insurers duty to report, gender-neutral language, addition of

Law enforcement, graduation requirement, non-accredited high schools

Marijuana possession and cultivation, adjustment of penalties for

Naloxone, prescribing, dispensing, and use of

National Wildlife Refuge System, concurrent jurisdiction for

Pipeline disaster preparedness planning, provisions for

Pipeline spill preparedness plans, establishment of

School emergency response plan, requirement to include violent intruder threats

Severe weather safe zones, school consultation with local and state safety officials

Swimming pools used by public, require AED

Tobacco use in state buildings and schools, prohibit

Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act of 1994, amendment of requirements

Untested sexual assault examination kits, reporting of

Utility shut-off protection, qualifications, requirements

Vaccination program, eligibility for

Warrantless drone surveillance or use of armed drones by certain entities, prohibition

Waste tired grants, moratorium on

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