911 emergency services, funding for

Aircraft, prohibit the discharging of lasers at

Athletics, required safety gear

Bicycle helmets, promulgate administrative regulations to require the use for children under 16

Boating safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for

Child protective service visits, unannounced

Church bus, increase fines for the illegal passing of a stopped

Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, KSP to provide protection for

Driving under the influence, list of controlled substances qualifying for prosecution

Mine Safety Review Commission, Hubbard, W. Bryan, confirmation

Mining education and training, first-aid training and other requirements

Minor in vehicle, removal, civil immunity

Motor carriers, annual safety training requirement, repeal

School bus, increase fines for the illegal passing of a stopped

School emergency response plan, requirement to include violent intruder threats

Severe weather safe zones, school consultation with local and state safety officials

Smoking, prohibit in vehicle containing child subject to child safety restraint

Swimming pools used by public, require AED

Last updated: 1/16/2019 3:10 PM (EST)