Workers' Compensation

Caretakers of churches, delete exemption

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation, Stephanie L. Kinney

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation, Udell B. Levy

Exemption from coverage for certain ministers and caretakers of churches or religious organizations

Expiration of special fund assessment

Expiration of the special fund assessment

Firefighters, presumption of cancer as occupational disease

Funding Commission and special fund, lump sum settlements

Income benefits and attorney fees, increase

Income benefits and attorneys fees, increase in fees and various changes to awards

Information sharing with other state agencies

Kentucky Workers' Compensation Board, confirmation, Franklin A. Stivers

Ministers with no set salary and caretakers of churches, exemption

Misclassification of employees, information sharing

Rate for special fund assessment

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission board of directors

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission

Last updated: 1/16/2019 3:10 PM (EST)