House Bill 279

Last Action to State & Local Government (S)
Title AN ACT relating to blighted and deteriorated properties.
Bill Documents Bill
Bill Request Number 1015
Sponsors J. Jenkins, R. Meeks, J. Miller, S. Riggs
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 99.700 to expand findings to include all local government jurisdictions; amend KRS 99.705 to define "alternative government entity," "local government," and "nuisance code"; amend KRS 99.710 to expand the availability of spot condemnation to all forms of local government; allow the duties that could be fulfilled by a vacant property review commission to be assigned to an alternative government entity with a similar mission; amend KRS 99.715, 99.720, 99.725, and 99.730 to conform; create a new section of KRS 99.700 to 99.730 to establish a tax delinquency diversion program for blighted property; amend KRS 416.540 to define "government lien" and "local government" and make technical corrections; amend KRS 416.570 to provide that a petition filed for a condemnation instituted pursuant to KRS 99.700 to 99.730 include certification of the assessment made by the property valuation administrator, a list of all government liens against the property and the amount due, and an estimate of the expense necessary to bring the property up to code; amend KRS 416.580 to provide that the presumed fair market value of property in eminent domain proceedings brought under KRS 99.700 to 99.730 shall be the assessed value as established by the property valuation administrator reduced by the total amount of all government liens and the estimated cost of repairs necessary to bring the property up to code; provide that the presumption may be rebutted by the property owner through submission of an independent appraisal establishing a different fair market value; amend KRS 416.610 and 416.660 to conform; amend KRS 134.128 and 134.504 to reference the tax delinquency diversion program established by Section 8 of the Act; amend 92.305 to conform.
Index Headings of Original Version Eminent Domain and Condemnation - Blighted and deteriorated property, proceedings
Local Government - Blighted property, eminent domain proceedings
Nuisances - Blighted property, eminent domain proceedings
Property - Blighted and deteriorated property, eminent domain proceedings
Taxation, Property - Tax delinquency diversion program, establish
Cities - Blighted and deteriorated property, eminent domain proceedings
Counties - Blighted and deteriorated property, eminent domain proceedings
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  • introduced in House
  • to Local Government (H)
  • posted in committee
  • reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar
  • 2nd reading, to Rules
  • posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Tuesday, February 24, 2015
  • 3rd reading, passed 96-0
  • received in Senate
  • to State & Local Government (S)

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