Actuarial Analysis

Charter school, funds for

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers, pay equality

Commissioner, appointment of deputy, permission to appoint

Death in the line of duty benefits

Finance and Administration Cabinet, health insurance trust fund, allocation of plan year surplus

Judicial Form Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Judicial Form Retirement System, new amortization method for paying off unfunded liabilities

Kentucky Asset Liability Commission, authorization for funding notes for KTRS

Kentucky Retirement Systems, benefiaciary designation and retirement options

Kentucky Retirement Systems, board of trustees

Kentucky Retirement Systems, contributions paid on reemployed officers at cities

Kentucky Retirement Systems, disclosure of retirement account information

Kentucky Retirement Systems, exemptions for volunteer service on retired reemployed requirements

Kentucky Retirement Systems, hybrid cash balance plan, benefit election

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, funding of full ARC

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Ketucky Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill

Legislative security specialists, Kentucky State Police, inclusion

Legislators' Retirement Plan, account consolidation, restriction on

Legislators' Retirement Plan, close plan to new entrants and allow opt-out for current members

Legislators' Retirement Plan, close to future members and future service accruals

Ombudsman, creation of office

Pension surcharge on state contracts

Public Pension Oversight board, administration and investment of state-adm. retirement systems

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on city elected officials

Report on funds provided to area development districts

Retirement, alternative window to elect optional plan of payment

Retirement, survivor's benefits, marriage

Sick leave, interdistrict donation of

Sick leave, transfer to Education Professional Standards Board

State-administered retirement systems, actuarial reporting requirements

State-administered retirement systems, ban placement agents, require adherence to state contract law

State-administered retirement systems, disclosure of retirement information to PPOB

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