Consolidated Local Governments

Cannabis, local regulation of

Constitutional rights, protection of

Fire protection and volunteer fire department districts in consolidated local government, tax rates

Home Rule in consolidated local government, powers of cities within, clarification of

Knives, preemption of local regulation

Law enforcement, overtime calculations

Local Code enforcement, omnibus revisions

Local option sales and use tax, enabling

Minority citizens, employed or appointed by consolidated local government, percentage required

Office of Judge of County Court, opportunity to eliminate with Constitutional Amendment

Personnel, firearms controls in course of official duties

Planning & zoning requirements for certain cities within a consolidated local government

Prevailing wage requirement, opting out of

Restaurant tax, levy, purposes, calculation, and distribution

Retail or wholesale sale of commercial products

Tax Delinquency Diversion Program, permit establishment

Transient room tax, application to stays of 30 days or less

Waste management board, makeup of board in county containing

Waste management board, makeup of in county containing

Waste management district, cities' waste stream composition, when fee prohibited

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