Crime Victims

Address confidentiality protection program, expansion of

Attempted murder, probation and parole eligibility of persons convicted of

Autopsy images and recordings, access to

Commonwealth's and county attorneys, technical correction

Constitutional amendment, crime victims' bill of rights, propose creation of

Criminal asset seizure and forfeiture, requirements for

Criminal records, victims of identity theft, scope and process of expungement of

Death penalty, child or vulnerable adult victim, aggravating circumstance for

Expungement and criminal records, eligibility, process, standards, and protections

Expungement of records, criminal history

Extradition, technical correction

Felony offender supervision and monitoring, treatment of Class B offenders

Firearm, safety of juveniles, from accidental discharge of

Juvenile courts, public proceedings, pilot project

National Human Trafficking Resource Center telephone hotline number, display of

Obscenity, evidence of

Parental rights, termination of

Protective orders, tenant protections relating to

Sex offender registrants, fee for and restrictions on

Sex offenders, presence on publically owned playground, prohibition of

Sexual assault evidence collection kits, processing of

Shelter and advocacy center funding, increase in

Shock probation, prohibition with DUI death

Twelve hour hold for certain arrestees who pose a danger to their victim, imposition of

Vulnerable victims, continuing course of conduct crime for offenses against, creation

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