Drugs and Medicines

Abortion, regulation of

Abuse-deterrent opioid analgesic drug product, substitution

Amino acid-based elemental formula, benefit coverage

Amino acid-based elemental medical formula, benefit coverage

Asset forfeiture under controlled substances law, reporting requirements for

Biological products, prescribing

Biological products, prescribing of

Cannabis, regulation of

Colon cancer, underinsured individuals, screening, examination, and treatment program

Criminal asset seizure and forfeiture, requirements for

Drug abuse prevention program, schools to establish

Drug conviction data, inclusion in to KASPER electronic monitoring system

Drug court participants and related statistical data, reporting on

Emergency contraceptive pill, prescribing or dispensing, authorize refusal of

Emergency response medications, child-care

Epinephrine auto-injectors, storage and use in child-care centers

Epinephrine auto-injectors, storrage and use in child-care centers

Erectile dysfunction, prescription

Erectile dysfunction, prescription drugs

Genomics, fund and program created

Hemophilia Awareness Month, March 2016

Heroin trafficking, penalties relating to

Hydrocodone, classification as a Schedule II controlled substance

Hydrocodone, transfer from Schedule III to Schedule II

Investigational drugs, biological products, or devices, use by terminal patients

Lay caregiver, designate

Mammogram, dense breast notification

Medical cannabis, authorization and regulation of

Medical gas wholesaler, licensure of

Medical marijuana, study of by FDA

Medical marijuana, use permitted

Medical sharps collection, establish guidelines

Medical sharps collection, guidelines, establishment of

Medically necessary marijuana, definition and task force establishment

Mitochondrial disease, require health benefit plans to provide drug coverage for

Mitochondrial disease, require health benefit plans to provide prescription drug coverage for

Needle exchange, one for one exchange, requirement of

Operation under the influence, right of Commonwealth to trial by jury

Pharmacist, authority to dispense and sell certain drugs, criteria

Pharmacy benefits managers, licensure

Possession of controlled substance, Class A misdemeanor, mandatory drug treatment

Prescription drug costs, amount of copayment and coinsurance, limit on

Prescription drug costs, limitation on amount of copayment and coinsurance

Prescription drug coverage, mail-order requirement, prohibition of

Restricted distribution pharmacies, administrative activities, expansion of

Specialty drug coverage, specialty drug network, requirement of

Substance abuse screening, public assistance

Substance abuse treatment, appropriation for

Synthetic drugs, inclusion in other offenses

Synthetic drugs, increased penalties for

Synthetic drugs, penalty for trafficking in

Synthetic drugs, possession and trafficking of, penalties, increase

Tobacco cessation, health benefit coverage

Treatment, alcohol and other drug abuse

Tuition and fee increases, prohibition of, public postsecondary institutions

Vyvanse, encourage WellCare to reimburse for

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