Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Abuse-deterrent opioid analgesic drug product, substitution

Adoptive parents, certified homes, listing of

Confidentiality, staff privilege information

Dense breast tissue, information to be provided

Facility of the Year award, Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation, honoring

Lay caregiver, contact designated

Long term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Long-term-care facilities, background and registry checks for owners and employees

Medical malpractice actions, inadmissibility of statements of compassion

Medical malpractice mediator, utilization prior to health care provider litigation

Medical review panel process, waiver of

Medical review panel, utilization in health care provider litigation

Medical sharps collection, establish guidelines

Medical sharps collection, guidelines, establishment of

Medically fragile individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, establish task force

Physician assistants, supervising physician countersignature requirements for

Registry of ulcers and pressure sores, security plan, requirement

SANE-ready designation, create

State/Executive Branch Budget

Substance abuse, screening of employees

Surrogates for healthcare decisions, process for designation of

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