Legislative Research Commission

Abandoned and Free-roaming Horse Task Force, establishment of

Administrative regulations, omnibus revisions relating to

Budget review function, additional reporting, transparency

County jail restricted fund, establishment and funding

Designation of appropriation or revenue measure, requirement for

Drug court participants and related statistical data, reporting on

Emergency Medical Air Transportation Task Force, establishment of

Ethics training, commission to provide overview of Kentucky Constitution

Fire Commission to report fire department compliance of fire departments reporting to the commission

Government Contract Review Committee, omnibus revision for

Grate, Jonathan, honoring

Juries, racial demographics, reporting of

Kentucky Workers' Compensation Task Force, establishment of

Kentucky Workforce Development Task Force, establishment of

Kentucky Workforce Development Task Force, membership of

Kentucky Workforce Oversight Task force, establishment of

Law libraries, replacement of in case of fire

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, establishment of

Legislative Branch Budget

Legislative Branch Budget, technical corrections

Legislative security specialists, Kentucky State Police, inclusion

Medically fragile individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, task force on

Medically necessary marijuana, definition and task force establishment

Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force, creation of

Municipal bankruptcy, study

Ombudsman, employment of

Priorities of Government Spending and Budget Reform Task Force, establishment of

Public Pension Oversight Board

Public Pension Oversight Board, actuarial services

Public Pension Oversight Board, required studies

Public-private partnership agreements, legislative review and authorizations for

Racial impact statements, requirement for

Rate for reasonable and necessary attorneys' fees, statement of

Research and development tax credit, reports to legislature to enable evaluation

Rural growth fund tax credit, submission of annual reports

Speaker and President to file income tax returns, legislative ethics commission

Special audit or examination of cities, billed at actual expense

State employee appreciation day, July 1, 2016 as, recognition of

State rate for reasonable and necessary attorneys' fees

Technical corrections

Timber Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force, establishment of

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