Workers' Compensation

Acting upon appointments, restrictions on Governor

Administrative law judge, Marc Christopher Davis, reappointment of

Administrative law judge, reappointment of Douglas W. Gott

Appointment to KEMI Board of Directors, Brandon N.Voelker

Caretakers for churches and certain ministers, exemption from coverage

Casualty insurance, liability exclusion for worker's compensation, disclosure required

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation, Grant Stewart Roark

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation, Jonathan Robert Weatherby

Department of Workers' Claims, confirmation, Tanya G. Pullin

Employee, neither franchisee nor employee of franchisee to be deemed employee of franchisor

Employment, no employment relationship between franchisee and franchisor

Exclusion for lawn services for private home for less than twenty days, exemption for

Expiration of special fund assessment

Expiration of the special fund assessment

Information sharing with other state agencies

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority, confirmation, John R. Farris

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority,Timothy S. Mauntel, appointment to Board of Directors

Kentucky Workers' Compensation Task Force, establishment of

Misclassification of employees, information sharing with other agencies

Nominating Commission, change membership

Rate for special fund assessment

State/Executive Branch Budget

Subrogation, medical benefits added and legal fees deleted

Temporary total disability benefits, offset for wages for light duty or alternative duty work

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission board of directors

Workers' Compensation Board, confirmation, Rebekkah B. Rechter

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission

Workers' compensation laws, commemorate 100 years of

Workers' compensation, study of

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