House Bill 552

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Title AN ACT relating to gang violence prevention and declaring an emergency.
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Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 1059
Sponsors R. Benvenuti III, S. Santoro
Summary of Original Version Create new section of KRS Chapter 506 to provide definitions related to criminal gangs and gang activity; create a new section of KRS Chapter 506 to enumerate what constitutes criminal gang recruitment in the first, second, and third degree; amend KRS 506.120 to provide the definition of "criminal gang syndicate" and associated penalties for defendants convicted of certain offenses committed while acting as a criminal gang syndicates; amend KRS 506.150 to revise evidence that is corroborative of the existence of a gang or gang membership; create a new section of KRS Chapter 506 to require that anyone who is found to be a member of a criminal gang and subsequently convicted of a felony that put the public at risk will be sentenced one class higher than the penalty provision pertaining to the felony offense he or she was convicted for; establish a cause of action for persons harmed by a criminal gang or criminal gang member; establish that any profits or proceeds forfeited or seized from a criminal gang are suspect to forfeiture under KRS 218A.420; amend KRS 218A.420 to conform; provide that this Act will be known as the Gang Violence Prevention Act; encourage state and local law enforcement agencies to create a statewide gang violence database; repeal KRS 506.140, relating to criminal gang recruitment; EMERGENCY.
Index Headings of Original Version Corrections Impact - Gang violence, prevention of
Local Mandate - Gang violence, prevention of
Courts - Gang violence, prevention of
Crimes and Punishments - Gang violence, prevention of
Criminal Procedure - Gang violence, prevention of
Civil Procedure - Gang violence, cause of action


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