Abortion facilities, certificate of need required

Alcohol sampling license, colleges and universities may hold for culinary programs

Alcoholic beverage licenses, modifications to

Alcoholic beverage licenses, modifications to privileges of

Alcoholic beverage licenses, omnibus bill relating to

Alcoholic beverage licensing, omnibus bill relating to

Authorized public consumption license, creation and regulation of

Beauty salons, permitting mobile

Board of HVAC Contractors, requirements and definitions, clarification of

Board of Medical Licensure, licensure of genetic counselors, requirements for

Cannabis, regulation of

Caterers, NQ3 licensure provisions for

Child-care centers, radon inspection for

Cities, within consolidated local governments, powers in relation to, clarification of

City regulatory license fee on alcoholic beverages sales, expansion of

Concealed carry instructor trainers, prior experience required

Concealed carry license, instructor qualifications

Concealed carry license, suspension or denial, mental health factors

Concealed carry weapons, training for, handgun cleaning

Cosmetologists, exemption for natural hair braiding

Cosmetologists, licensing of natural hair braiding, make requirement for

Denturity, board

Denturity, board of

Detection of deception examination licensing, government employees exempt from

Detection of deception examiners, requirements for

Dietitians, licensure requirements for

Distiller's license, privileges and limitations regarding

Distillery licensed for on-premises sales, elections and limitations regarding

Durable medical equipment providers, creation of

Electricians, credit toward licensing fees

Electricians, examinations, requirements for

Extended hours supplemental license, major sporting venue, exception for

Fantasy sports, regulation of, requirements for

Fireworks, seasonal sales dates, expansion of

Home medical equipment service providers, Board of Pharmacy to CHFS, transfer of authority

Horse race tracks, multiple license requirements for

HVAC, credit toward licensing fees

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, historical racing manufacturers and distributors, licensure of

Licensed athletic trainers, services rendered by, reimbursement for

Low-voltage electrical installers, certification of and exemptions for

Medical authorizations, licensed physician assistants may issue

Medical gas wholesaler, licensure of

Microbreweries, business authorized by license, make additions to

Military service members and veterans, licensing and certification of

Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers, license fee

Nail salons, permitting mobile

Offender employment and licensure, requirements applying to

Pharmacy benefits managers, licensure

Pharmacy outsourcing facility, licensure of

Pharmacy, repeal of reciprocity provision

Pharmacy technician criminal background check

Pharmacy techs, background check results sent to board by KSP, mandate

Pharmacy third-party logistics provider, licensure of

Physician assistant, certificate of death may be completed by

Physician assistants, supervising physician countersignature requirements for

Physician, licensure, specialty certification and maintenance testing prohibited

Plumbers, credit toward licensing fees

Radon certification requirements, residential and commercial building contractor, exemption for

Radon certification requirements, residential building contractor, exemption for

Recreational therapists, licensing requirements for

Restaurants licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, rewards programs conducted by

Serious crimes, prohibit persons convicted of

Temporary elevator mechanic license, requirements for

Title insurance agents, licensing of

Title insurance agents, provide for the licensing of

Veteran designation for operator's licenses and identification cards for reservists, eligibility

Veterinary practice law, revisions, exemptions

Weapons, concealed carry without license

Wineries, fortified wine production, exempt from 100,000 gallon cap

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