Blighted and deteriorated property, eminent domain proceedings

Blighted, delete condemnation provisions included in original bill

Cities, disposition of

Condemnation proceedings, require factors to be considered in valuation

Contents of abandoned storage units, claiming of

Deeds, title examinations, performance of

Historic graves and cemeteries, rights and duties regarding

Housing, federal low income housing tax credit, application process

Housing, federal low-income housing tax credit, application process

Land bank authorities, expansion and modification of powers and duties

Liens against real estate, release of

Maintenance of burial grounds

Planning and zoning appeals, requirement of supersedeas bond

State Treasurer, promulgate an exemption, certain claims

Trespass, court order preventing

Unmanned aircraft, usage on critical infrastructure without permission, crime and liability

Waste-to-energy facilities, regulation of, minimum setback distances for

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