Taxation, Income--Corporate

Airport noise mitigation, income tax credit for

Apparently wholesome food tax credit, creation of

Certified rehabilitation tax credit cap, amendment

Coal incentive tax credit, reestablishment

Combined reporting of income, requirement for

Conservation easement contribution, tax credit for

Cost of goods sold, expanded definition for limited liability entity tax

Digital interactive media production tax credit, creation

Domestic production activities deduction, disallow

Energy efficiency tax credits, on-farm poultry or livestock raising facilities, extension

Estimated tax penalty, amendment to mimic federal calculation

Fueling stations, natural gas for vehicles, credit for

Heritage barn tax credit, establishment of

Incentives for coal mining or processing companies through the KBI program

Interest rate on overpayments and underpayments, modified

Internal Revenue Code reference date, updated

Internal Revenue Code reference, update of

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, creation of

Kentucky Industrial Revitalization Act, tax incentives for supplemental projects

New markets tax credit, terms for qualification and reporting requirements

Noise insulation tax credit, creation of

Organ donation, tax credit established for promotion of

Research and development, tax credit to promote

Retail or wholesale sale of commercial products by local governments

School improvement tax credit and scholarship tax credit, creation

Tax credit, small business with an apprenticeship program

Tax haven, make taxable any transfer of income to

Tax havens, transactions disallowed

Taxpayer bill of rights, technical correction

Technical correction

Unemployment tax credit, hiring of coal workers, expanded

Unitary method, use for determining taxable income

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