4-H Capitol Experience, recognize event

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Gordon F. Jones

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Louis Stewart Hughes

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Patrick M. Henderson

Agricultural products, provide 10% weight tolerance for commercial transportation of

Agriculture Water Quality, recognize poultry

Agritourism activities, establishing acceptable venues, events

Agritourism activity, types of operations, redefinition of

Agritourism buildings, allowable building code exemptions

Animal feed, 10% weight tolerance for transportation of

Axle weight tolerance of 10%, exclusive transportation of specific items

Cattle liability requirements, gender-neutral changes

Commissioner, ethics disclosure, retirement fund investments, interest in

Commissioner of, campaign finance credit, candidate, eligible for

Commissioner of, time of election, move to even-numbered years

Date of drawing lots for ballot position, changes to

Deer and elk population, threats to agriculture, require department to identify

Equine cruelty, punishment alternatives for

Extension of term by one year, 2019 election only

Farm names, gender neutral, reference to

Farm safety net programs, data collection change

Farms, single family, electric rates

Food Checkout Week, honoring farmers

Food donation tax credit, extension of

Food donations, civil and criminal immunity protections

Greenhouses, exemptions from Kentucky Building Code, conditions for

Hand-crafted Kentucky Proud Products, production of declared agricultural use for zoning purposes

Hunger Free Kentucky Day, declaration of

Industrial hemp, extract, definition of

Industrial hemp, extracts, transportation of

Industrial hemp research program, requirements of

Industrial hemp, tetrahydrocannabinol, increase threshold

Inherited property, agricultural valuation of

Kentucky 4-H, recognize Capitol Experience event

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Al William Pedigo

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, James R. Mahan

Kentucky Agriculture Resources Development Authority, abolishment of

Kentucky FFA week, recognizing

Livestock, definition of

Nondivisible load, definition

Reorganization, State Fair Board, Executive Order 2016-730

Smokeless tobacco ingredient, urge agency to halt regulation

Sprinkler system, exemption from requirement in buildings used for agriculture and agritourism

Wages and Hours, exemption for agricultural employers and employees, removal of

Workers' compensation, exemption for employers and employees, removal of

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