Amusements and Recreation

Agriculture and agritourism, exemption from fire sprinkler system requirement in buildings used for

Agritourism activities, establishing acceptable venues, events

Agritourism activity, types of operations, redefinition of

Agritourism buildings, allowable building code exemptions

Boating safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for

Boxing and wrestling events, safety and licensure of participants in

Casino gaming, constitutional amendment for

Charitable gaming, networked national charitable organization

Charitable gaming, organizations conducting limited games, exemption for

Fairs and festivals, distilled spirits sales at

Hunting and fishing licenses, members of the military

Public Protection Cabinet, fantasy sports, establish requirements for

Public Protection Cabinet, fantasy sports, requirements for

Sheriff, inspections and reporting, certain public places

Wagering on previously run horse races, pari-mutuel excise tax on

Youth camp background checks, requirement of

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