Consolidated Local Governments

Cannabis, state regulation of

Cities, incorporation

Cities, solid waste management plan, compliance with

Constitutional rights, protection of

County clerk, internet publication of ballot, permit

Ethics code, use of subpoena power

Firearms and ammunition, authority to regulate

First responders, autism training requirement

Home rule in consolidated local government, powers of cities within

Jefferson County, officials to discuss state services available to

Land bank authorities, liens and blighted properties, disposition of

Legislative council seats and staffing

Mayor and legislative council, powers and duties of

Minimum wage, authority to set

Restaurant tax

Solid waste management district board, continuation of rules

Solid waste management district, sunset provision, removal of duplicate

Solid waste management districts, cities, relationship to

Tourist and convention commissions, restaurant tax

Transient room tax, application to stays of 30 days or less

Verification of immigration status, public contracts and public agencies

Waste management district, cities' waste stream composition, when fee prohibited

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