Abortion services, payments from government to entity providing, prohibition of

Agriculture and agritourism, no change in building code to require sprinklers in buildings used for

Allocation of carbon dioxide emissions to counties, coal-fired units, Clean Air Act

Board of assessment, appeals to

Cannabis, state regulation of

Clerks, manufactured homes, affidavit of severance

Code enforcement, joint boards

Code enforcement, notices

Consolidation, process for

Constable, constitutional amendment allowing legislative body of county to abolish office of

Constitutional rights, protection of

Contractor performance bond program, certain counties participation in

Counties containing consolidated local governments, municipal incorporations

County animal shelters, task force, examination of

County Employees Retirement System, separate administration from Kentucky Retirement Systems

County judge/executive, counties meeting certain conditions, election prohibited

County property, concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, lifting prohibitions on

County regulatory license fee on alcoholic beverages sales, expansion of

Day reporting programs, usage of

District health departments, operational expenses

Driver's license fees for county roads, updated share based on 8-year license

Economic incentives, and tax relief for counties in Southeastern Kentucky Promise Zone

Elections, precinct boundaries, option to submit electronic maps to State Board of Elections

Elk zone, disabled hunter postseason quota hunt, establishment of

Emergency medical services personnel, disabled or killed, tuition benefits

External detainee fatality review panel, establishment of

Firearms and ammunition, authority to regulate, consolidated local governments

Firearms and ammunition, authority to regulate, urban-county and consolidated local governments

Firefighters, disability and death benefits for children, tuition, conditions for payment

Firefighters Foundation Program, administrative cost payment relating to supplement

First responders, autism training requirement

Immigration and citizenship status, cooperation and requirements for

Interlocal agreements, training on

Jefferson County, officials to discuss state services available to

Judge/executive, library district boards, appointments to

Judge/executive, temporary office space rental

Kentucky Building Code, greenhouses, exemptions from, conditions for

Kentucky Division of Water, small private sewer treatment plants, study of

Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program, administrative cost payment relating to supplement

Kentucky Mountain Regional Authority, establishing

Kentucky Mountain Regional Recreation Authority, establishing

Kentucky Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment and Retention Task Force, establishment of

Land bank authorities, liens and blighted properties, disposition of

Liens against real estate, release of

Local government economic assistance fund (LGEAF), use of funds restrictions

Local option status, election to match annexed territory with that of the city

Logan County, 225th anniversary, sign placement

Manufactured homes, affidavit of severance, process

Merged, restaurant tax

Minimum wage, authority to establish

Minimum wage, authority to set

Motor fuel tax, local revenue sharing formula, revisions

National County Government Month, recognition of

Occupational license tax, removal of certain crediting provisions

Occupational license tax, removal of maximum percentage for certain counties

Open records, "public agency", definition of, exemption in

Peace officer training, equivalency standards for out-of-state service or training

Planning and zoning, appeals, requirement of appeal bond

Planning and zoning, appeals, requirement of supersedeas bond

Planning and zoning, hand-crafted Kentucky Proud products, production of declared agricultural use

Police and firefighter increases, administrative and fringe costs, reimbursements and payments

Police, disability and death benefits for children, tuition, conditions for payment

Police, employment contracts, reimbursement for training

Police officer supplement, increase

Professional firefighters supplement, increase

Promoting contraband, elements of

Property tax, motor vehicles owned by certain disabled veterans, rate reduction

Property valuation administrators, methods of valuation

Property valuation, appeals

Qualified volunteer fire department allotment, increase

Reimbursements, annual supplement police and firefighter increase

Require court to determine whether an appeal is frivolous prior to determining amount of appeal bond

Retirement, final compensation, definition

Safe zones for in-person Internet-initiated transactions

Severance tax revenues, increase distributions to local governments

Sex offenders, presence on publicly owned playground, prohibition of

Sheriff, inspections and reporting, certain public places

Solid waste management district, sunset provision, removal of duplicate

Solid waste management districts, consolidated local governments, cities, relationship to

Solid waste management facilities, use of by cities in consolidated local government

Solid waste management services, displacement of current providers, requirements for

Special purpose governmental entities, financial information, public inspection availability

Supplemental payments to firefighters

Supplemental payments to police

Task Force on Local Governments and Gun Violence, establishment of

TIF, mixed-use development, merchant solar energy generating facility, addition of

Tourist and convention commissions, restaurant tax

Transient room tax, application to stays of 30 days or less

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, statewide applicability of

Verification of immigration status, public contracts and public agencies

Waste collection penalties, prohibit levying on property owners when occupants' duty to arrange

Waste management services, public hearing, notice requirements

Water districts, removal of governing persons

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