Bathrooms, biological sex, use only by

Child abuse or neglect finding, education

Child placement, fictive kin eligibility

Civil and criminal immunity protections, food donations

Concealed carry deadly weapons, lifetime licenses for

Concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, weapons outside courtrooms

Constitutional rights, protection of

Court costs and fines, inability to pay

Court of Justice, provide for gender-neutral language

Court-ordered treatment, alcohol and other drug abuse

Court-ordered treatment, alcohol and other drug abuse, higher legal standard for

Curfew, detention for violation of

Deadly weapons, concealed carry, prohibition in court proceedings

Death penalty, replacement of with life imprisonment without parole

Discriminatory jury selection practices, disqualification of prosecutor

Disproportionate minority contact with juvenile justice system, require statistical reporting of

DNA cases, appointment of counsel, fee for

Driving under the influence first offenses, procedures regarding

Drug conviction data, inclusion in KASPER electronic monitoring system

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, penalties, imposition of

DUI, ten-year lookback, penalties imposed

Emergency placement of children, criminal history record checks for

Equine cruelty, punishment alternatives for

Eviction, defense to, protective orders

Expansion of Kentucky's automated e-Warrant system, reporting on

Family Court confirmation, Sixth Judicial Circuit

Family members, visitation rights as to children

Gang violence, prevention of

Grandparents, visitation rights as to grandchildren

Hate crimes, relating to

Health savings account, exemption from garnishment, execution, attachment, distress, or fee bill

Hearsay, child witness, allowed in certain cases

Ignition interlock license, requirements for issuance of

Immigration and citizenship status, governing body requirements for

Judgments, interest rate for

Judicial circuits and districts, analysis of

Judicial proceedings, technical change

Juror pay and expense allowance, increase

Jury service, increase in payment and reimbursement for

Justifications, use of force

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, establishment of

Liens against real estate, release of

Medical malpractice actions, statements of compassion, inadmissibility of

Medical review organizations, confidentiality of information on staff with privileges

Medical review panel, utilization in health care provider litigation

Medication-assisted treatment programs, establish civil procedure and penalty

Minimum age of criminal responsibility, create at age 12

National Crime Information Center, allow access to

Nonprofit corporations, actions relating to

Permanent child custody, requirements preceding

Personal identification cards, addition of holders to list of potential jurors

Personal identification cards, adult, addition of holders to list of potential jurors

Possession of controlled substance, penalty reduction, mandatory treatment and community service

Probation, certain public offenders completing treatment programs

Promoting contraband, elements of

Redistricting, boundary realignment and reallocation of resources

Service of process on nonresidents, methods

Sex crimes, civil actions, statute of limitations for

Sex offender registrants, fee for and restrictions on

Sex offender registrants, restrictions on

Sexual assault against an animal, criminal penalties for

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, adoption of

Uniform Trust Code, repeal of provision relating to District Court jurisdiction

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