Distilled Spirits

Alcoholic beverage law, subcommittee of Licensing, Occupations, and Regulations Committee to study

Alcoholic beverage sampling, colleges and universities, educational programs

Alcoholic beverages, omnibus bill relating to

City and county regulatory license fee on alcoholic beverages sales, expansion of

Distilled spirits and wine wholesalers, exclusive distributing rights, prohibition

Extended hours supplemental license, major sporting venue, exception for

Licensed sale and sampling of alcoholic beverages, regulation and control of

Local option election, sheriff's publication of an order to conduct

Retail package premises, advertising prohibited outside of

Retail sales for less than purchase cost, prohibition of

Retailers, advertising requirements for

Sampling license, colleges and universities may hold for culinary programs

Spa alcoholic beverage sales and service, ABC server training required for

Spas, sale of alcoholic beverages by the drink permitted at

Supplemental transporter's license, creation of

Transporter's license, prohibition against intercounty transport of alcoholic beverages without

Vintage distilled spirits, definition of

Wholesaler, restriction on sales to retailer with lapsed credit removed

Wholesalers, timely delivery by

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