Agencies with jurisdiction, violations of executive branch ethics, investigation of allegations

Charitable solicitation, prohibitions, individuals on behalf of tourism, exclusion of

Charitable solicitation, prohibitions, sponsorships, exclusion of

Code, application of, tourism affiliated nonprofit organizations, exclusion of

Commissioner, ethics code requirement, administrative regulations for

Ethics commission in consolidated local governments subpoena powers

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, employer, executive agency lobbyist, registration fee change

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, preliminary investigation, relinquishing records and proceedings

Executive branch, former officers, prohibition against serving as lobbyist for two years

Gift, definition of, certain conference registration fees, exclusion of

Gift, definition of, conference registration fee, exclusion of

Gift, definition of, exception to, activities involving sponsorships

Legislative, required training time, reduction of

Legislative, sexual harassment training, elimination of

Public servant, definition of, Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet, exclusion of

Public Service Commission, subject to Executive Branch Code of Ethics

Registry of Election Finance, public campaign finance, administering

Sponsorships, training and conferences related to, exceptions for

Statewide officers, retirement fund investments, disclosure of

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