State Employees

Adoption assistance, state employees

Background checks, child care providers

Background checks, required of child care providers

Background checks, required of employees

Board of Claims, reorganization of

County clerk certification, required travel

Department of Veterans Affairs, hiring active duty nursing staff, study of

Department of Workers' Claims, commissioner's authority

Eastern Kentucky University, transfer contract employees to Department of Criminal Justice Training

Ethics, prohibition on officer serving as lobbyist for two years after leaving office

Ethics provisions, exception to, sponsorships, training and conferences related to

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, employer, executive agency lobbyist, registration fee change

Health plan, addition of Health Savings Account option

Health plan, mail-order pharmacy, required use prohibited

Health plan, retail pharmacy, different cost-sharing from mail-order pharmacy prohibited

Kentucky Claims Commission, creation of

Kentucky Retirement Systems, disclosure of retirement account information

Kentucky Retirement Systems, service credit for active duty military deployment in hybrid plan

Kentucky Retirement Systems, voluntary cessation of participation

Legal representation for executive branch employees

National Human Trafficking Resource Center telephone hotline number, display of

Nonmerit employees, appointment of, prior travel required

Officer in KSP, promotion and salary increase, effective date of

Probation and parole officers, qualifications for

Real property occupational board employees, executive director appointment of

Real property occupational board employees, Real Estate Authority employment of

Retirement and pensions, investment of funds

Retirement and pensions, Kentucky Retirement Systems, board of trustees

Retirement, appropriation to SPRS pension unfunded liability

Retirement, commitment to maintaining public pension benefits

Retirement, creditable compensation growth, limitation on

Retirement, final compensation, definition

Retirement, limitation on creditable compensation growth

Retirement, payment of employee contributions for KTRS member called to active military

Retirement, reimbursement for Medicare Part B premium for retired state troopers

Social service workers, death-in-the-line-of-duty benefits, eligibility for

Telehealth, required coverage of

Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet, certain ethics provisions, exception to

Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet, ethics, exception to, charitable solicitation and work

Verification of immigration status, public contracts and public agencies

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