Technical Corrections

Apprenticeship agreements, gender-neutral language

Attorney General, gender-neutral language

Bank examiners, appointment of, technical corrections

BR 1319

BR 1325

Composting and use of composted materials by state agencies

Criminal conspiracy

Department of Revenue

Display of the United States Flag

Elections, primary candidates

Executive director, removal of outdated reference

Gender-neutral language, insert

Gender-neutral language, insert in teacher computer provision

Gender-neutral pronoun

HB 147

HB 234

HB 274

HB 324

HB 35

HB 368

HB 417

HB 431


Income tax, department reference

Insurers, duty to report, gender-neutral language, addition of

Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority, technical correction

KRS 131.061

Native American Indian Month

Reinsurance treaties and contracts, law relating to, technical corrections for

Revenue and tax laws

Sales and use tax

Sales tax, correction of spelling

SB 145/GA

SB 20

SB 31

SB 73

SB 79

Seat belt law, correction for gender-neutral references

SJR 57/SCS 1

Soil and Water Conservation Commission, Energy and Environment Cabinet, technical corrections

Statute Reviser's bill

Tourism and outdoor recreation, BR 1308

Unemployment insurance, correction for gender-neutral references

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