Address protection program participant, acceptance of substitute address

Airports, unmanned aircraft facility maps, development of

Autocycles, provisions for highway operation

Axel weight provisions, vehicles in excess of posted bridge weight limit, exception removal

Axle weight tolerance of 10%, exclusive transportation of specific agricultural items

Bicycle helmets, requirement for children under 12

Bicycles overtaken on roadway, distance to maintain

Bicycles overtaken on roadway, distance to maintain, specific vehicle exceptions

Biz Cain Memorial Highway, Kenton County, designation of

Blake, William, bridge designation, Harlan County

Boone Trace, encourage marking of

Booster seat, replacement after vehicle collision

Bryan, Ronald, Ohio County road designation

Bullitt East HS Cheer Team, 2017 KHSAA Champions, place signage honoring

Child restraint system, replacement after vehicle collision

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, employment status of drivers

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, prohibit travel during inclement weather

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, prohibited items

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, reduce employee threshold

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, roadway operation of

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, vehicle equipment requirements

Commercial driver's license, commercial vehicle used in human trafficking, disqualification for

Commercial driver's license, human trafficking, failure to report, disqualification for

Commercial driver's license, human trafficking training and wallet card

Commercial driver's licenses, human trafficking training and wallet card

Commercial motor vehicles, 10% weight tolerance, transportation of certain agricultural products

Copperhead Trail, designate in McCreary and Whitley Counties

Couch, Amon, Clay County memorial highway designation

Country Music Highway, Whitley, Keith, inclusion and signs

Crossing, blocking private road, fines

Davenport, Marshall, memorial highway designation, Pulaski County

Deaf or hard of hearing protection trust fund, creation of

Deer and elk, automobile accidents, Department of Transportation, reduce risk of

Disabled parking placards, hole-punch system, requirements for

Disabled parking placards, requirements for

Driver's manual, Kentucky State Police to make available

Dunaway, Bobby L., memorial highway designation, Jessamine County

Duvall, Chase, Owen County and Grant County memorial highway designation

Hall, Debbie Ann Ferguson, Floyd County memorial highway designation

Hanson, Lance Corporal Donald Deloy, memorial highway designation, Mercer County

Harris, PFC Kenneth Ward, Harlan County memorial bridge designation

Headlamps, requirements and restrictions

Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution

Hughes and Sallie Morgan Memorial Highway, designation, Leslie County

Illumination of blue lights on a motor vehicle, prohibition

Kentucky vehicle registration database, operator may be deaf or hard of hearing, indication in

Local government economic assistance fund (LGEAF), use of funds for road maintenance

Logan County, 225th anniversary, sign placement

Make technical correction

"Mason County Veterans Memorial Highway," designation

Memorial Bridge designation in Leslie County, Corporal Gordon Jones

"Mercer County Vietnam Veterans Highway," highway designation, Mercer County

Metal commodities, weight tolerance exemptions for transportation of

Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force, creation of

Mileage-based vehicle fee, Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force, development of

Military surplus vehicle, requirement to be four wheeled, removal of

Military surplus vehicle, titling and registration of

Mills, Sarah, 2017 Kentucky Middle School Teacher of the Year, highway sign honoring

Mills, William, memorial road naming, Daviess County

Motor Carrier Commission, creation of

Motor fuel tax, local revenue sharing formula, revisions

Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers, license fee

Motor vehicle dealers, disclosure of accident damage to motor vehicles prior to sale

Motor vehicle fuel taxation, review

Motor vehicle insurance violation, threshold for

Motor vehicle, use of blue lights, prohibiting

Motor vehicles, engine idling exemption

National Human Trafficking Resource Center telephone hotline number, display of

Noe, Cpl. George "Hobie", Harlan County memorial bridge designation

Obstruction of roadway by train, increase fine for

Obstruction of roadway or waterway by train, increase fine for

Operator's license application of a minor, persons authorized to sign

Operator's license, handgun provision

Operator's license testing, interactions with law enforcement, driver's manual to include

Operator's license testing, interactions with law enforcement, exam to include

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, compliance with federal REAL ID Act

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, emergency contact information registry

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, voluntary compliance with federal standards

Operator's licenses, opioid overdose, effect on

Overdimensional construction equipment, permit process for road testing

Overweight permits for metal commodities, increased fines for violation

Overweight trucks, effect on roadway conditions and modal parity, Study of

Pennyrile Parkway, urging Congress to designate as I-169

Prewitt, Olivia, 2017 Miss Kentucky Teen USA, signs honoring

Private road, blocked rail crossing, prohibition

Rest areas, human trafficking hotline, require posting

Roadway snow removal, school bus drivers encouraged to apply

Salvage titles, process for obtaining

Special license plate, Kentucky Fallen Firefighter Memorial plate

Speed titles, time of issuance

Speegle Jr., PFC. Arthur, Harlan County memorial bridge designation

Sport utility all-terrain vehicle, allow highway operation of

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

Ten percent weight tolerance, transportation of animal feed

Train crews, two-person requirement, penalties for violation

Transportation Cabinet, operator's licenses and permits, ID cards, notification of expiration

Transporter's license, prohibition against intercounty transport of alcoholic beverages without

Unmanned aircraft, operation near airports, restrictions on

Vehicle lighting, remove auxiliary light restrictions

Vehicle lighting, remove light bar restrictions

Vehicle lighting, requirements and restrictions

Vehicles in excess of posted bridge weight limit, exception of

Visually impaired and blind pedestrians, information in Kentucky Driver Manual pertaining to

Voluntary travel IDs, allowable documents presented upon application

Will Carroll Memorial Highway in Floyd County, designation of

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