Corrections Impact

Abortion, prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development

Assault on a service animal, first degree, change elements for

Bathrooms, biological sex, use only by

Cannabis, regulation of

Criminal attempt to commit murder of peace officer or firefighter, classification as violent offense

Day reporting programs, usage of

Death penalty, child or vulnerable adult victim, aggravating circumstance for

Death penalty, replacement of with life imprisonment without parole

Drug offenses, allow judges a 72-hour hold on defendants

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, ten-year lookback, penalties imposed

External detainee fatality review panel, establishment of

Felony expungement, reckless homicide

Fentanyl or carfentanil, trafficking in any amount, increased penalty

Fraud crimes, felony threshold, raising of

Gang Violence Prevention Act

Hate crime, offense against peace officer or emergency medical services personnel as a result of

Heroin trafficking, penalties relating to

Juvenile records, expungement of

Licensing boards, prescription of Schedule II drugs, certain limitations

Long-term care facilities, expand prescriptive authorites of doctors

Masking to evade discovery, prohibit during a protest to evade discovery

Medical cannabis, authorization and regulation of

Misdemeanor assault in hospital, warrantless arrest permitted for

Misdemeanor, opioid tax compliance

Offender employment and licensure, requirements applying to

Persistent offenders, life without parole

Possession of controlled substance, Class A misdemeanor, mandatory drug treatment

Promoting contraband, elements of

Rest areas, human trafficking hotline, require posting

Sanctuary institution, state funding from, withholding of

School property, concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, lifting prohibitions on

Serious physical injury, definition of

Serious physical injury, establish definition

Sex offender registrants, restrictions on

Sex offender registry, juvenile adjudications, not a registrable offense

Sex offenders, presence on publicly owned playground, prohibition of

Sexual assault against an animal, arrests for probable cause

Sexual assualt, crime of

Sexually explicit images, distribution of without consent

Shock probation, prohibition with DUI death

Terrorism, crime of, capital offense

Trafficking in fentanyl or carfentanil, any amount, penalty increase

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition of

Unmanned aircraft, operation near airports, restrictions on

Unmanned aircraft, usage on critical infrastructure without permission, crime of

Wills, concealment of

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