Probation and Parole

Compliance credits, qualification for

Conditions of probation and parole, violation of

Criminal attempt to commit murder of peace officer or firefighter, classification as violent offense

Day reporting programs, creation of

Federal prisoners and parolees, operator's licenses and personal ID cards

Hate crime, offense against emergency medical services personnel as a result of

Hate crimes, relating to

Heroin trafficking, penalties relating to

Parole Board, confirmation, Caroline Whitlock Mudd

Parole Board, confirmation, Larry Ray Brock

Parole Board, confirmation, Melissa Chandler.

Parole Board, confirmation, Michael Alan Bolcas

Persistent offenders, life without parole

Probation and parole officers, qualifications for

Probation supervision, Department of Corrections, may be requested by district court

Reentry centers, creation of

Reentry drug supervision pilot program, creation of

Shock probation, prohibition with DUI death

Trafficking, Class C felony, heroin or fentanyl, 50% parole eligibility

Violent offenders, parole of

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