Public Records and Reports

Accident reports, provisions for incidents involving autocycles

Affidavit of severance, requirements of

Area Development Districts, transparency requirements

Arrest-related deaths, investigation and annual reporting

Assessment results, districts to report online

Assessment results, schools to report online

Autopsy images and recordings, exemption from public records of

Body-worn camera recording, release of

Campaign finance report, repayment of loan, filing of with Registry of Election Finance

Health & Family Services Cabinet and Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, report on funds

Land bank authorities, liens and blighted properties, e-mail utilization

Land bank authorities, liens and blighted properties, use of email for disposition of,

Powers of attorney, certified, true copy of

"Public agency", definition of, exemption in

Rural growth fund tax credit, annual reports

School district financial statements, alternative publication method of

Special purpose governmental entities, financial information, public inspection availability

State agencies, report on funds provided to area development districts

Sunshine Week, recognizing

Unemployment Insurance, disclosure of records

Victim's information, redaction of personally identifiable information

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