Public Safety

Address confidentiality program, expansion of

Address confidentiality protection program, expansion of

Agriculture and agritourism, exemption from fire sprinkler system requirement in buildings used for

Arrest-related deaths, investigation and annual reporting

Benefits for death in the line of duty, inclusion of emergency medical services personnel

Body-worn camera recording, release of

Cannabis, regulation of

Central registry for child abuse and neglect, establishment

Child abuse offender registry, establishment of

Child abuse or neglect perpetrator registry, establishment

Child protective service visits, unannounced

Concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, expanded locations

Deer and elk, automobile accidents, measures to reduce risk of

Deer and elk population, department may take steps to reduce

District health departments, target funding

Domestic and dating violence, reporting

Emergency vehicle, constable, inclusion of

External detainee fatality review panel, establishment of

Fees from firearms sales, School Body Armor Fund

Firearms and ammunition, authority to regulate, consolidated local governments

Firearms and ammunition, authority to regulate, urban-county and consolidated local governments

First responders, autism training requirement

General aviation airports, inspection and licensure

Hearing Protection Act of 2017, support and encourage enactment

Immigration laws, enforcement, requirement for

Insurers, duty to report, gender-neutral language, addition of

Justice Cabinet, resources to Troop Island, Inc., allowed to direct

Kentucky Building Code, greenhouses, exemptions from, conditions for

Kentucky Coal Fields Endowment Authority, creation of

Kentucky Coal Fields Endowment Fund, creation of

Kentucky Division of Water, small private sewer treatment plants, study of

KSP officers, need for

Live United Day, declaring February 16, 2017 as

Local code enforcement

Local government safe zones for in-person Internet-initiated transactions

Mint Police, authority as state peace officers, limited grant of

National Human Trafficking Resource Center telephone hotline number, display of

Pesticide application by state or local government entities, notice required

Reliable energy portfolio standard, creation of

Statewide mobile food units and restricted concessions, permitting of

Task Force on Local Governments and Gun Violence, establishment of

Tobacco use in schools and on school property, prohibition

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition of

Unmanned aircraft, operation near airports, restrictions on

Unmanned aircraft, usage on critical infrastructure without permission, crime of

Veterans Health Administration police, authority as state peace officers

Warrantless drone surveillance or use of armed drones by certain entities, prohibition

Youth camp background checks, requirement of

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