Public Utilities

Coal incentive tax credit to promote increased use of Kentucky coal, reestablish

Dayton Power and Light, J. M. Stuart and Killen Generating Stations, electric reliability, jobs from

Electric rates, reexamination of rate proceedings

Electric suppliers, retail, control rates charged to single family farms

Electricity, renewable sources required

Generation facilities, some must comply with zoning

Local government, contracts for sewer improvement, noncompetitive negotiation allowed for

Municipal electric authority, creation of

Net metering, increase allowable generating capacity, increase of, recovery of costs, allowed

Power facility, nuclear, certification of

PSC authority over all telephone exchanges not previously deregulated, removal of

Public Service Commission, confirmation, Michael J. Schmitt

Public Service Commission, confirmation, Robert J. Cicero

Public Service Commission, election of commissioners

Public Service Commission, multistate transactions

Public Service Commission shall review necessary regulations

Rates, ratepayers may petition for rehearing; commissioners must stand for retention

Rebates to ratepayers, coal-fired units, carbon emission allowances, Clean Air Act

Reliable energy portfolio standard, creation of

Renewable portfolio standards for producing electricity

Reorganization, Public Service Commission, Executive Order 2016-832

Sewer treatment plants, Kentucky Division of Water, study of

Smart meters, installation of

Solid waste management services, displacement of current providers, requirements for

Unmanned aircraft, usage on critical infrastructure without permission, crime of

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