Accident reports, provisions for incidents involving autocycles

Annual supplement increase

Annual supplement increase, administrative expense and fringe benefits

Assisted outpatient treatment, court orders for

Concealed carry deadly weapons, lifetime licenses for

Constable, allow process service by

Deputies, employment contracts, reimbursement for training

Deputy sheriff, temporary replacement on county board of elections when sheriff not available

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requirement for

First respondes, urge training on autism

Immigration laws, enforcement, requirement for

Inspections and reporting, certain public places

Insurance charges used to pay for KLEFPF and KFFPF, restrict

Insurance surcharge used to pay for KLEFPF and KFFPF, restrict adjustment of

Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program, administrative cost payment relating to supplement

Local option election, sheriff's publication of an order to conduct

Misdemeanor assault in hospital, warrantless arrest permitted for

Motor vehicle insurance violation, electronic notification

Posting of local option petition requirements, deadline, process for

Shelter Oversight and Pet Overpopulation Task Force, membership and duties

Supplemental payments to police

Training, equivalency standards for out-of-state service or training

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