Taxation, Income--Individual

Abandoned building credit, creation of

Adjusted gross income, wages for services performed in Kentucky promise zone, exclude

Administrative provisions, amend various

Adoption credit

Airport noise mitigation, income tax credit for

Coal incentive tax credit, reestablish

Credit, apparently wholesome food, creation of

Credit, conservation eastment contribution

Credit, new markets development program

Deduction, student loan benefits

Deductions, 529 plan

Deductions, educational expenses

Deductions, STABLE account

Earned income credit, create

Film industry tax incentives, enhanced incentives, Appalachian counties

Food donation tax credit, extension of

Itemized deductions, establish maximum amount of

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, creation of

Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals, reorganization of

Kentucky Business Investment program, expand

Kentucky Claims Commission, creation of

Kentucky promise zone employers, withholding requirements

Military pensions, income tax deduction for

President of the United States, candidates for, income tax filing requirement

Promise zone tax incentives for employees

Rates imposed, change

Scholarship tax credit, creation

Statewide office, candidates for, income tax filing requirement

Tax credit, angel investor, modification

Tax credit, small business with an apprenticeship program

Technical corrections

TIF, convention facility projects, urban county, independent consultant report, not required

TIF, mixed-use development, merchant solar energy generating facility, addition of

TIF, mixed-use development, previously undeveloped land owned by educational institution

Tuition savings program, allow income tax deduction for up to $4,000 in contributions

Unemployment tax credit, hiring of coal workers, expanded

Voluntary preceptor credit for Kentucky physicians, creation

Volunteer firefighters, tax credit for

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