Agriculture and agritourism, no change in building code to require sprinklers in buildings used for

Alcohol sampling license, colleges and universities may hold for culinary and tourism programs

Alcoholic beverage sampling, colleges and universities, educational programs

Boone Trace, encourage development of

Copperhead Trail, designate in McCreary and Whitley Counties

Executive Branch Code of Ethics, exceptions to

Extended hours supplemental license, major sporting venue, exception for

Film industry tax incentives, enhanced incentives, Appalachian counties

Kentucky Bicentennial Commission, abolishment of

Kentucky Capitol Centennial Commission, abolishment of

Kentucky Historical Events Celebration Commission, abolishment of

Kentucky Horse Park Commission, reestablishing

Kentucky Mountain Regional Authority, establishing

Kentucky War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, abolishment of

KY Arts Council & Tourism Development Finance Authority, reorganization, public-private partnership

My Old Kentucky Home Advisory Commission, abolishment of

Naming rights, limitations on

Natural History Museum, abolishment of

Prohibit incentives for lewd, offensive, or detrimental projects

Promotion, Executive Branch Code of Ethics, exceptions to

Public property, naming rights to

Reorganization, Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, Executive Order 2016-856

Reorganization, Tourism Development Finance Authority, Executive Order 2016-210

Restaurant tax

Sponsorships, noncompetitive negotiation allowed for

Statewide mobile food units and restricted concessions, permitting of

Tourism Development Finance Authority, loan program

Tourism development projects, incentives

Tourist and convention commissions, restaurant tax

Transient room tax, application to stays of 30 days or less

Underground Railroad Advisory Council, abolishment of

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