Animal abuse offender registry fund, creation of

Board of Barbering trust and agency fund

Board of Cosmetology trust and agency fund

Break the Silence special license plate, appropriation of EF fees for

CDL testing, fees

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriating funds for

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, budget special session, compensation suspended

Contact lenses and visual aid glasses dispensing, penalty increase

Contact lenses dispensing, penalty increase

County tobacco cessation, establish fund for

Department of Parks, voluntary contributions with vehicle registration, collection

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requiring

Dogs and cats, torture recovery fund

Dyslexia Read to Read special license plate, appropriation, removal

Dyslexia Ready to Read special license plate, appropriation of EF fees for

Dyslexia trust fund, creating

Emergency revolving school loan fund, school district eligibility for, restriction of

Family Resource and Youth Services Centers, urge exemption from budget cuts

Fantasy Contest Fund, establishing

Fire departments, volunteer, payments to

Fiscal incentive grant fund, creation of

FRYSC funding, urge exemption from budget cuts

Historic properties endowment trust fund, receipt of certain fines

Hybrid and electric vehicles, highway usage fee

Judicial Branch Budget

KCTCS, endowment match fund, $3 million annually

Kentucky addiction prevention, recovery, and enforcement fund

Kentucky CASA network fund, creation of

Kentucky Communications Network Authority, general fund

Kentucky Community and Technical College special license plate student scholarship fund, creation of

Kentucky State Police, forensic laboratory, court costs for

Law enforcement and firefighter funds, fringe benefits

Law enforcement professional development and wellness program

Legislative Branch Budget

Medicaid disproportionate share hospital funds, distribution of

Medicaid tobacco-related illness reimbursement, establish fund for

Motorcycle safety education

Multimodal transportation fund, establishment of

Murray State University, capital project

Offender registry fund, creation of

Pension surcharge on state employment contracts

PVA compensation fund, creation of

Rare disease trust fund, create

Rare disease trust fund, creating

Roll call vote, requirement for

Rural growth fund tax credit

Rural secondary roads, earmarked portion of gas tax

School speech pathologists or audiologists, requiring supplement for

School transportation funding fee, imposed on the sale of fuel

SEEK funds, transfer to emergency revolving school loan fund account

Sex offender registrants, registration fee for

Small farm wineries support fund, changes to

Sports wagering tax

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

STEM teacher scholarship pilot program, establishment of

Substance use disorder treatment and recovery services, mothers and children, grant program

Supplemental payments to police and firefighters

Transportation Cabinet Budget

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Underfunded pension trust fund, wholesale alcohol sales, tax increase

Unexpended SEEK funds, transfer to emergency revolving school loan fund account

University of Louisville, capital project

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Fund, creation of

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