Boards and Commissions

Active military and veterans, professional licenses, issuance of

Board of education, legal notices given to

Board of Home Inspectors, appeal to

Board of Medical Licensure, surgical assistants licensing by

Board of Nursing, certified professional midwife, certification and practice of

Board of Veterinary Examiners, oversight and composition of

Boards of education, candidate requirements, proof of twelfth grade completion or equivalency

Boards of education, membership, eligibility

Charter School Advisory Council, duties of

Commission on Proprietary Education, licensing of institutions

Conversion therapy, prohibition of

Council on Postsecondary Education, revise membership of

Economic Development Incentive Review Board, establishment

Education Professional Standards Board, attach to Kentucky Department of Education

Education Professional Standards Board; clarify authority of

Education Professional Standards Board, revise membership of

Executive branch, public servants, business transaction prohibited with

Farms to Foodbanks Advisory Committee, change name from Surplus Agricultural Commodities

Fire districts, alternative tax structure

Gender-neutral language, inclusion of in bank merger provisions

Governmental units, regulation of electronic prescribing, standards, requiring

Governor, power to appoint to

Human trafficking notice, require display of

Kentucky 911 Services Board and advisory council membership, appointment method of

Kentucky 911 Services Board, reorganization of

Kentucky Board of Education, boarding schools and church boarding schools, voluntary certification

Kentucky Board of Education, eligibility for

Kentucky Board of Education, homeschool accountability hearing

Kentucky Board of Education, require student mental health screenings

Kentucky Board of Education, revise membership of

Kentucky Board of Education, sexual abuse awareness and protection

Kentucky Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, name change of

Kentucky Board of Medical Services, fee disclosure requirements

Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics, revise membership of

Kentucky Communications Network Authority, debt and financing, authorizing

Kentucky Health Facilities and Health Services Certificate of Need and Licensure Board, rename

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, membership of

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting, establishment of

Louisville Arena Authority, board of directors, establishment of

Occupational boards, license issuance by

Occupational boards, licensing and procedural matters relating to

Occupational boards, powers and duties of

Officer Shooting Review Board, establishment of

Omnibus administrative revision relating to numerous occupational boards

Parole Board, confirmation, Dr. Robert M. Powers

Parole Board, confirmation, Lelia Annette "Lee" VanHoose

Personnel Board, gender-neutral language

Planning and zoning, joint board of adjustment

Retirement and pensions, Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, term limits for trustees

State Advisory Council on Libraries, of repealing

State Archives and Records Commission, duties of, expanding

State Archives and Records Commission, membership of, revising

State Archives and Records Commission, renaming

State Board of Education, sexual abuse awareness and protection

State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, member, removal

State, education, implement programs for secondary education, instruction in voting

State, Elections, promulgate administrative regulations for, voter preregistration

State Interagency Council, change membership

State/Executive Branch Budget

Telehealth Board, eliminating

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