Civil Procedure

Abortion, dismemberment, prohibition of

Abortion, Down syndrome, prohibition of

Adoption, unified application for placement, creation of

Body-worn camera recording, release of

Cause of action, failure to remove explicit image from website if requested by the person depicted

Child pornography, prohibit distribution of

Child pornography, trial exhibits, storage by a court

Child victim statements, hearsay exception for

Community Property Trust Act, creation of

Confidentiality of peer review panels, remove provisions relating to

Constitutional amendment, application of foreign law, prohibiting to protect rights

DNA cases, appointment of counsel, fee for

Extreme risk protective order, firearms prohibition, petition for

Fees and expenses, medical review panel, payment of

Felony expungement, reckless homicide

Franklin Circuit Court, changes in jurisdiction

Gang violence, cause of action

Grandparents, visitation rights as to grandchildren

Guardianship and conservatorship, proceedings for

Guardianship, court-community partnership, creation of

Immunity from civil liability, expand to include removal of domestic animal from a vehicle

Immunity, vehicle damage, removal of dog or cat in danger of death

Jurisdiction, add list of examples of types of contact which would allow court to exercise

Liens against real estate, release of

Limitation on recovery for injuries or death, constitutional amendment for

Limiting recovery for injuries or death, proposing constitutional amendment

Medical malpractice actions, filing requirements and limit attorney fees

Medical malpractice actions, statements of compassion, inadmissibility of

Medical marijuana program, establishment

Medical record copying fees, exemptions

Nonprofit corporations, actions relating to

Personal jurisdiction over nonresidents, expansion of

Power of attorney, requirements for

Receivership in commercial real estate, procedures and requirements, creating

Seven day notice requirement, termination of tenancy

Sexual harassment, enforcement of arbitration agreements in civil matters involving

Time, rule for computing, state agencies to comply with

Trust instruments, time period related to power of appointment

Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, adoption of

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, adoption of

Wages and Hours actions, two year limitation

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