Crime Victims

Constitutional amendment, crime victims' bill of rights, propose creation of

Crimes Victims' Bill of Rights, statutory changes upon ratification of constitutional amendment

Death penalty, child or vulnerable adult victim, aggravating circumstance for

Hate crime, offense against emergency medical services personnel as a result of

Human trafficking notice, require display of

Leave from employment for court appearances, requirements for the employer and employee

Missing persons, recognition of

Sex crimes against a victim who is a person with an intellectual disability, increase in penalty

Sex offender registrants, living with a minor, prohibiting

Sex offender registrants, registration fee for

Sex offender registrants, restriction of

Sex offender registrants, restrictions on

Sex trafficking, advocate for change in federal law

Sexual assault victims, acknowledging

Statutory rights, judges and prosecutors, training on

Unsolved murders, recognition of

Last updated: 9/1/2020 2:57 PM (EDT)
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