Highways, Streets, and Bridges

Advertising device, construction of at professional sports facilities

Bicycle use, Transportation Cabinet, authority to regulate on bridge sidewalks

Bicycles on roadway, not to ride more than two abreast unless road is marked exclusively for bicycle

Bicycles overtaken on roadway, distance to maintain

Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2018-2020

Burke, William, highway designation, Pike County

Canadatown Road, Whitley County, signs designating

Caudill, Harrell, memorial bridge designation, Pike County

Clay, Clarence "Soc", 1984 Poet Laureate, signs honoring

Collett, Ted Rodney, memorial bridge designation, Bell County

Contracts, boycott prohibition clause, requiring

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with

Corporal Elba, Floyd County memorial highway designation, Corporal Elba Case

Covered bridges, control, possession, local authority

Covington, Herb, memorial highway designation, Christian County

Donoho, John M., memorial bridge designation, Warren County

Freeways, change road names from parkways to

Hal Rogers Parkway, study of widening

Headphones, use of while operating a motor vehicle, prohibition

Highway funding, omnibus revisions

Hybrid and electric vehicles, highway usage fee

Johnson, Hobart Clay, memorial bridge designation, Pike County

Johnson, SPC Lowell, memorial highway designation, Floyd County

KY 236, H. Gordon Martin, memorial highway designation

KY 274, Trigg County, Mershon's Bridge and John E. Woodruff Memorial Highway

KY 87 bridge over Line Creek, Billy Murphy Memorial Bridge designation

Ledbetter Bridge, designation as George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge

Limited access highway, left lane restriction

Livestock and poultry feed, overweight permits for transportation of

Lynn Camp HS Cheer Team, 2018 All "A" State Champions, placing of signage honoring

Matney, Molly, 2017 Miss Kentucky, signs honoring

Mullins, Roby, 2017 NASP State Overall Archery Champion, sign on US Route 150, Boyle County

Natcher Parkway, rename as expressway upon designation as I-65 spur

Nelson, Jeremy, naming a road in Campbell County in memory of

Overweight metal hauling permits, expanded definition of metal commodities

Railroad crossings, process to close

Railroad on-track equipment, duty to stop for

Rowe, Paul W., memorial bridge designation, Magoffin County

Rural secondary roads, earmarked portion of gas tax

Six year road plan, last four years of

Smith, Elaine "Bae Bae" Avanell, 2017 Young Miss Kentucky MKTA, signs honoring

State highways, naming for employee of postsecondary education system, restrictions on

State highways, naming for state employee, restrictions on

State highways, naming for state official, restrictions on

State highways, waiting period for naming for state employee

State highways, waiting period for naming for state official

Stevens, William, Harlan County memorial bridge, designation

Ten percent weight tolerance, transportation of animal feed

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Transportation Cabinet, design/build projects, cost limitation, increase of

Transportation Cabinet, design/build projects, increase cost limitation

Transportation Cabinet, design/build projects, increase project number limitation

Transportation Cabinet, design/build projects, project number limitation, increase of

Truck platooning, procedures for

US 60, Rowan County, Jennifer B. Skaggs Memorial Highway designation

Veterans Memorial Bridge, designate in Perry County

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