Animals, Livestock, and Poultry

Animal abuse offender registry, establishment of

Assault on a service animal, first degree, inclusion of assistance animals

Assistance animals, housing, allow reasonable accomodation for

Cervid meat processors, waste disposal requirements

Communicable diseases, control of

Danger of death, dog or cat, removal from vehicle, civil immunity

Depredating black vultures, urge the issuance of more permits to allow the taking of

Dogs and cats, torture, offenses involving family members, prohibition of early release for

Dogs and cats, torture, penalty increase

Hunting, use of unmanned aircraft systems, prohibiting

Immunity from civil liability, expand to include removal of domestic animal from a vehicle

Kentucky Milk Commission, abolishment of, confirm Executive Order 2017-0715

Kentucky Spring Seat Saddle, official state emblem, designation as

Sexual activity with animals, Class A misdemeanor

Shark fin, prohibit sale, possession, trade, and distribution

Soybean Week, denoting importance of

Transportation of animal feed, ten percent weight tolerance

Wild horses, urging fair treatment of

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