Alcohol quota license, codify system for

Alcohol quota license system, codification of

Alcoholic beverage sales, local government regulatory license fee, expansion of

Annexation, property owners within a territory, standing, grant of

Audit, span of

Audits and financial statements

Auxiliary containers, restrictions placed upon regulation of

City-owned assets that provide water or sewer service, acquisition of

Clerks, duties, information and submission requirements

Codify alcohol quota license system for

Constable, constitutional amendment allowing legislative body of a city to suspend the powers of

Constables and deputies, clarify powers

County Employees Retirement System, separate administration from Kentucky Retirement Systems

Deadline for certain candidate filings, changes to

Deadline for certain candidates filings, changes to

Entertainment destination center, licensing for

Extraterritorial wastewater facilities, acquisition of by local agency

Extraterritorial wastewater facilities, acquisition of by local agency, applicability of Chapter 278

Filing deadline for certain candidates seeking public office, changes to

Fire departments created under KRS Chapter 273, administrative and fiscal reports

Fire departments, volunteer, merger, volunteer fire department aid, payments to

Fire districts, merger, maximum tax rate

Firearms and ammunition, authority to regulate, consolidated local governments

Firefighters Foundation Program, administrative cost payment relating to supplement

Governmental units, regulation of electronic prescribing, standards, requiring

Incorporation within counties containing consolidated local governments

Interlocal agreements, extraterritorial wastewater facilities, acquisition of by local agency

Investment of idle funds, certificates of deposit

Investments, limitations on

Investments of idle funds

Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program, administrative cost payment relating to supplement

Law Enforcement Foundation Program fund, annual supplement, increase of

Local ABC investigators, allowing certification of

Local and statewide transient room tax, 30 days or less, limiting

Local firearms ordinances and restrictions by consolidated local governments, urging

Local firearms ordinances and restrictions, exemptions from restrictions

Local government premiums tax, schedule for refunds, establishing

Local public housing authorities, membership

Local regulation of tobacco products, allow

Mandates, prohibition of

Minimum wage, authority to establish

Minimum wage, option to establish

Occupational license tax, county, set-off

Open records, "public agency", definition of, exemption in


Planning and zoning enforcement action, appeal, court costs, attorney fees

Planning and zoning, joint board of adjustment

Police and firefighter increases, administrative and fringe costs, reimbursements and payments

Property taxes, contesting ad valorem increase, procedural adjustment

Public employees, state-sponsored life insurance, eligibility for

Public notices, Web site publication

Public playgrounds, accessible and inclusive design

Publishing requirements

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on city elected officials

Religious organizations, discrimination, prohibiting

Restaurant tax, allow home rule class cities to levy for CERS contributions

Restaurant tax, portion to be used for tourism infrastructure

Retirement and pensions, obligations

Special districts, election of members of governing bodies

Special purpose governmental entities, review of fee and tax increases, requiring

Supplemental payments to firefighters

Supplemental payments to police

Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, statewide applicability of

Utility franchise fees, utilities' ability to recover from customers, city denial of

Vacancies, special elections in consolidated local governments, allow reimbursement

Volunteer firefighters, hunting and fishing licenses, issuance of at no charge

Wastewater, extraterritorial facilities, acquisition of by local agency

Wet cities; quota retail license limits

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