Motor Carriers

Agricultural and forest products, 80,000-pound weight limit, extend to county roads

CDL testing, procedures and fees for retesting

CDL testing, procedures and fees for retesting, medical excuse for missed test

Commercial Driver's license, human trafficking identification training

Commercial driver's license, human trafficking wallet card, issued with

Driving skills test, waiver for military, include reservists and National Guard members

Driving skills test, waiver for military, within one year of separation of service

Employer duties for pre-employment screening, technical corrections

Failure to file, establish $500 fee for

Fraudulent activities concerning motor vehicle sales, penalty clarification

KDLIS, establish 10-year look back time

KDLIS, proposed 10-year look back time, elimination

Limited access highway, left lane restriction

Overweight metal hauling permits, expanded definition of metal commodities

Overweight permits, livestock and poultry feed

Ten percent weight tolerance, transportation of animal feed

Transportation of commodities and supplies, hours-of-service exemption

Truck platooning, procedures for

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