Public Safety

Board of education, allow teachers and school personnel to carry firearms, encouraging

Boards of, encouraging allow teachers and school personnel to carry firearms

Body-worn camera recording, release of

Boiler inspectors, boilers and pressure vessels, exemptions for

Campus crime, reporting requirements

Cervid meat processors, waste disposal requirements

CMRS fund distribution threshold, increase in

Compressed air receivers, exemption for

Concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, expanded locations

Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, Kentucky State Police to provide protection for

Crime, treatment for drug-related offenses, encouraging diversion to

District health departments, target funding

Extreme risk protective order, firearms prohibition, petition for

Fire departments, volunteer, merger, volunteer fire department aid, payments to

Fire districts, merger, maximum tax rate

Firearms and ammunition, authority to regulate, consolidated local governments

Immigration laws, enforcement, requirement for

Jail canteen profits, use of for safety and security

Kentucky 911 Services Board and advisory council membership, appointment method of

Kentucky 911 Services Board, reorganization of

Local firearms ordinances and restrictions by consolidated local governments, urging

Mobile command center, local government, use of oscillating lights and sirens

National Guard armories, open as warming centers, use of

Parole sanction, in lieu of revocation

Playgrounds, accessible and inclusive design

Police officers, requirements for promotion, clarification of

Price controls during a state of emergency, violations of

Probation and parole violators, work release

Reliable energy portfolio standard, creation of

School emergency response teams, establish

School Safety and Crisis Line, establishing

School Safety and Crisis Line, establishment of

School safety survey, commissioner of education to conduct

Sexual assault, awareness and prevention

Sheriffs, special deputies, appointment of

Shooting of an individual by a law enforcement officer or deadly incident, investigation of

Telephone CPR, telecommunicators, training for

Tobacco use in schools and on school property, prohibition

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition of

Veterans Health Administration police, authority as state peace officers

Warrantless drone surveillance or use of armed drones by certain entities, prohibition

Weapons offense registry, establishment of

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