House Bill 536

Last Action 03/01/18: to Licensing, Occupations, & Admin Regs (H)
Title AN ACT relating to sports wagering and making an appropriation therefor.
Bill Documents Introduced
Fiscal Impact Statements Actuarial Analysis
Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 238
Sponsors J. Sims Jr, D. Schamore
Summary of Original Version Create a new section of KRS Chapter 154A to require the lottery corporation to institute a sports wagering system; amend KRS 154A.010 to define "collegiate sports contest," "net sports wagering receipts," "professional sports contest," and "sports wagering"; amend KRS 154A.030 to prohibit owners of professional sports teams from serving on the board; amend KRS 154A.050 and 154A.060 to include sports wagering; amend 154A.063 to allow the corporation to accept wagers on collegiate and professional sports contests, but to prohibit sports wagers on horse racing; amend KRS 154A.070 to include sports wagering; amend KRS 154A.090 to include sports wagering retailers; amend KRS 154A.110 to prohibit sales of sports wagers to persons under 18 years of age, provide for the allocation of unclaimed sports wager prize money, and restrict owners, coaches, players, and others involved in a sporting contest from placing sports wagers; create new sections of KRS Chapter 154A to permit sports wagering at lottery retailers, horse racing tracks, and simulcast facilities; require the corporation to promulgate administrative regulations needed to establish and oversee sports wagering and prohibit participants in sporting events from placing wagers on games in which they are participating; create a new section of KRS Chapter 154A to establish the sports wagering distribution trust fund and limit uses of the fund to administrative costs and pension system funding; amend KRS 154A.120 to include sports wagering; amend KRS 154A.130 to exempt sports wagering receipts and specify that sports wagering receipts shall be deposited in the sports wagering distribution trust fund; amend KRS 154A.400 and 154A.410 to include sports wagering; amend KRS 154A.420 to include sports wagering and allow the corporation to require a retailer to establish a separate sports wagering electronic funds transfer account, where available; amend KRS 154A.430 to include sports wagering; amend KRS 154A.440 to require retailers to accept sports wagers only at the location listed on their contract; amend KRS 154A.600 and 154A.650 to include sports wagering; amend KRS 154A.990 to establish penalties for selling a sports wager to anyone under 18 years of age, to establish the crime of tampering with the outcome of a sporting event, and prohibit participants from wagering on a sporting event and establish penalties; EFFECTIVE UPON CONTINGENCY: Act takes effect only if the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is repealed by Congress or is rendered void by the United States Supreme Court.
Index Headings of Original Version Amusements and Recreation - Sports wagering, authorization for
Appropriations - Sports wagering tax
Athletics - Sports wagering, authorization for
Effective Dates, Delayed - Sports wagering, contingent upon repeal or voiding of federal Sports Protection Act
Fees - Sports wagering, licensing fees for
Gambling - Sports wagering, authorization for
Horses and Horse Racing - Racing venues, sports wagering conducted at
Lottery - Sports wagering, oversight of
Racing - Sports wagering, prohibition for
Retirement and Pensions - Sports wagering, revenue generated by
Actuarial Analysis - Sports wagering, authorization for
Local Mandate - Sports wagering, authorization for


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  • to Licensing, Occupations, & Admin Regs (H)

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