Education, Finance

Asset Resolution Corporation, organization and powers of

Commonwealth postsecondary education prepaid tuition trust fund, revise account provisions for

Commonwealth's Educational Laboratory School, funding for

Family resource and youth services centers, authorize donations to

Investments of idle funds

KCTCS, endowment match

KDVA/KHEAA, nurse loan repayment program, creation of

KEES, allowing use for qualified workforce training program

KEES, allowing use for qualified workforce training program, beginning date

KEES award amount, determining for qualified workforce training programs

KEES participating institution, definition of

Local area technology centers, distributing funds for

Local boards of education, members, reimbursement and per diem for

Mathematics achievement fund, reallocation of funds to literacy coaching program

Performance funding model, extend stop-loss provision

Property tax levy, recall and election process, procedural adjustment

Public postsecondary education institutions, agency bonds

Reading diagnostics and intervention fund, reallocation of funds to literacy coaching program

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, state funding, withholding of

Scholarship and student loan default or delinquency, effect on occupational licensing

Scholarship tax credit, creation

Small purchasing procedures, increasing maximum amount for certain districts

Speech pathologists or audiologists, requiring supplement for

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

State-operated vocational centers, requirements for transfer of

Student loan default, effect on occupational licensing

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, associate degree eligibility for

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, creation of

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