Public Officers and Employees

Auditor of Public Accounts, staff qualifications

Certified law enforcement telecommunicators, training stipend

Classified service, allow employee to seek paid partisan public office

Constitutional officers, contract procedures, requirements for

Department heads, administrative control, making language gender equivalent

Election of statewide constitutional officers, change to even-numbered years

Finance and Administration Cabinet, secretary of, senate confirmation of

Finance and Administration Cabinet secretary, personal service RFPs and contracts, approval of

Finance and Administration, secretary of, legal contingency contracts, settlement authority

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Kentucky Community and Technical College System, certain employees, transferring

Kentucky Employees Retirement System, study quasi-govt. employer issues in KERS

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, executive branch ethics, inclusion under

Kentucky Retirement System, cessation of participation in KERS by quasi-govt. agencies

Kentucky Retirement Systems, agency cessation of participation

Kentucky Retirement Systems, violation of fiduciary or ethical duties

Legislative bodies of urban-county governments, employment of legal counsel by

Legislators, election to discontinue or not participate in LRP or KERS for service

Local government financial reporting, when and by whom to be published

Pensions, repeal the provisions of SB 151 (RS 2018), unconstitutional and void

Postsecondary institutions, option to cease participation in KERS

Quasi-governmental entities, option to cease participation in KERS

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on city elected officials

Retirement and pensions, violation of fiduciary or ethical duties

Retirement, include special Circuit Judge service by Dist. Judge in definition of "service" in JRP

Retirement, option to place 1% employee contribution for retiree health into trust under KRS 61.701

Retirement, provide that LOD payments to the surviving spouse shall not be reduced upon remarriage

Retirement, void if retiring elected official returns to same position within 12 mos. of retirement

Salaries above cap, hiring by contract

Sheriffs, appointment of nonresident deputies

Teachers' Retirement System, study on board composition, elections, and requirements

Teachers, retirement systems housekeeping bill

Tourist and convention commission appointees, residency requirements

Wage discrimination, on basis of sex, race, or national origin, prohibition

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