State Employees

Appeals process for drugfree workplaces, public employees, industrial hemp

Auditor of Public Accounts, staff qualifications

Breastfeed and express milk, urge place in Capitol Annex

Classified service, allow employee to seek paid partisan public office

Commissioner of Housing, Buildings, and Construction, responsibilities for

Confidentiality statement, require of Inspector General employees

Financial settlements, public funds, report

Health plan, infertility treatment, required coverage for

Inspectors and surveyors, long-term care facilities

Kentucky deferred compensation, automatic enrollment in optional 401(k) plan for new hires

Kentucky Retirement Systems, reemployment after retirement certifications and requirements

Organization, authority to associate, organize, and strike

Pensions, repeal the provisions of SB 151 (RS 2018), unconstitutional and void

Prosthetic and orthotic devices, requiring coverage for

Public Employees Deferred Compensation Authority, State Treasurer, eliminate as custodian of funds

Retirement and pensions, disclosure of public retirement information and benefits

Retirement and pensions, notification of delinquent retirement contributions

Salaries above cap, hiring by contract

School employees, job eligibility, background check requirements

State employee health plan, pharmacy services, insurer practices, requirement of

State employee health plan, restrict pharmacy benefit manager practices for

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

Task force, gender issues, creating

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

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