Technical Corrections

Absentee ballots, in person and mail-in

BR 1567

Branch budget recommendations

Budget forms, timeframe for submission

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, gender neutral language

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, gender-neutral language

Cities, civil service

Date reference, removal of


Gender-neutral language, correction

Gender-neutral language, corrections

Gender-neutral language, insert

Gender-neutral language, inserting

Gender-neutral language, pronoun addition

Guardian ad litems, technical correction

HB 114

HB 285

HB 325

HB 341

HB 342

HB 354

HB 358

HB 386

HB 396/SCS 1


HB 84

Health officers, gender neutral correction

Kentucky Revised Statutes

Local government, gender-neutral language, inclusion of

Make technical corrections

Personnel Board, gender-neutral language

Personnel Cabinet, secretary's powers, gender-neutral language

Practitioners, gender-neutral language

Reference to city forms of government

Reference to formerly repealed statutes

Sales and use tax

SB 153

SB 153/HCS 1

SB 182

SB 54

SB 84

SB 99/SCS 1

Seat belt law, correction for gender-neutral references

SJR 44/HCS 1

Structure of branch budget bills

Taxation, individual tax return, designation of party

United States Department of Agriculture, offices within, update references to

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