Abortion, sex, race, color, national origin, or disability, prohibition of

Benefit cards, photo ID required

Chronic pain treatments, coverage

Copayments, prohibiting

Credentialing process, amend

Credentialing verification organizations, define

Dentures, require coverage

Department for Medicaid Services, utilization review, prohibited use by

Department of Medicaid Services, required compliance of

Diabetes, Department for Medicaid Services, study KEHP model

Durable medical equipment, claim filing, managed care organizations, prior service authorization

Durable medical equipment, managed care organizations, recoupment period

Eligibility for benefits, establishing new requirements

Eligibility for benefits, substance abuse screening

External reviews, multiple claims, administrative hearing, allowing

Hospital rate improvement programs, establish

Infertility treatment, allowing coverage of

Medicaid ambulance service provider assessment, create

Medicaid managed care organizations, payment schedules, disclosure and review of

Medicaid service improvements and MCO limitations, establishing

Medication-assisted treatment, allow coverage of

Pharmacy benefit managers, reimbursement practices, restriction of

Prosthetic and orthotic devices, specifying coverage for

Reimbursement, community paramedicine, study directed

Required coverage of services, Medicaid

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